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This painting brings together themes of mortality, isolation, longing, melancholy and loss and sits somewhere in between the physical constraints of reality and the anarchic realm of the subconscious.

The painting has a solid, sculptural feel. Like many of my past works, it is intended to stand as a ‘memorial to the ephemeral’ – so I have attempted to imbue it with a timeless quality.  This extends further into the process of creation, as I base most of the paintings on preparatory sculptures.

I wanted this series of paintings to be full of symbolism and mystery.  It was my aim to create a poetic and deceptively simple imagery that allows for the viewer to go as deep as they need to.

Although the works themselves simultaneously reference both world events and the rituals of contemporary existence, they are fused with subconscious echoes. They are triggered by personal sentiments and deeply set memories. Together with the monochrome pallet, these could serve to evoke a nostalgia for another time / or the possibility of ‘no time.’