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Regular price $5,900.00

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Horse oil on canvas  36” x 48”

A powerful bay horse working in an indoor arena. This horse is so powerful you can see the strength of the animal in the muscles that are bulging from her neck. Even with all this power, the horse shows complete obedience and dedication to her rider. The horse is working and fully engaged with the rider. They both have such a strong bond together, they are a team and they are creating art through their expression in dressage together.  The horse dances around the arena creating light and elegant dancing steps, the strength, and power needed to make this animal move can only be seen through the sweat, veins and flexing muscles. The horse and rider both perform to look like they are as light as a feather. This painting was designed to look big and powerful. I wanted the viewer to really feel the horses breathe come off the canvas and to know how powerful this animal really is.

Main Colors: Bay, Reds, Burnt Sienna, Sepia, Titanium White, Burnt Umber