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DYSTOPIAN DETRITALS is an oil painting showcasing my feelings of distress about the future. Learning about sustainability and recycling was quite scary for me, a lot of the scientific data given sounds foreboding. As someone who is open to having children one day, the dystopian picture painted by studies and experts is hardly encouraging. This is the first of many pieces addressing my anxiety in regards to climate change and human extinction.


Plastic bottles, used napkins, and lunch boxes are examples of detrital objects that we discard from our memories when we chuck them into a bin, this was a construction that I had an interest in dismembering because in actuality the objects remain closer to us than before we discarded them, eg. fish sold in markets now contained plastic fibers in their guts. This expresses the idea that “what goes around comes around“. The imagery used is a reflection of this linkage between object, humankind and environment. Black as a background colour can represent the individualistic person’s imaginary waste storing void as well as a symbol of mortality. Both of these meanings juxtapose one another to portray the chasm between fact and delusion, the suspension of responsibility and its inevitable outcome. The image however, is not only a metaphor but a visual representation of what our future could look like if we go for the wrong bins. In the end we could all end up buried in our own detritals (so please *expletive* recycle).


The artwork is used in various print designs such as mugs, coasters, and t-shirts. They are among the best selling on my store, popular amongst environmentalists as well as members of fashion subcultures which I attribute to the dark and gritty aesthetics as well as the message it contains. The original painting itself is intended to be a stark reminder, perhaps a source of motivation to go about life responsibly (and to go vegan). If one was going for an edgy vibe then this is the perfect purchase. It is also notable for being my first original oil piece.