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Regular price $10,200.00

Emotion behind her creation:

Struggling to paint her face for months has made me realise it was never meant to be shown. Her and Fallen angel are the closest you get to experience the raw, bare and exposed me in my paintings. She is most probably my last self portrait and available as a hand embellished bespoke original only.

Inspiration: "Scream" by Distorted Beauty (Gabriel Ananda Remix)


Artwork details:

RTILY hand embellished bespoke original is a personal piece of art to fall in love with. Utterly unique in it’s composition and to it’s owner, an original artwork is one of it’s kind and cannot be replicated. Your piece will be the only piece like it, anywhere in the world. This is where digital art is taken to the next level. After printing on cotton canvas board, by using Giclée technique, I will hand embellish the piece with traditional art techniques such as oils and acrylics, metallic leaf and paints, spray paint, ink and textural materials like Swarovski crystals and diamond dust.

Your hand embellished bespoke original will be perfectly finished with a beautiful, contemporary, fine art frame (size does not include frame). It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and a personal note.