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You Select Who Is Interviewed and Joins Our Show

Our show will bring you closer than ever to the creative process and artists.   Of course, there is no show without our Collectors, Patrons, & Viewers.  Anyone can choose who will be interviewed and asked to join our show.   



When you purchase the artwork from your favorite artists on Rising Art Star we reinvest our commission to conducting an interview of the artist.   We ask that the commission reaches $500 USD.  That amount may take more than one sale for some of our emerging artist.  We will cover the rest because we believe in each artist that we invite to join our show. If you are planning to purchase artwork from a remarkable artist that is currently not part of our show contact us.  We will reach out to the artist invite him to join our show.  

If you are comfortable please take part in the interview.   That may be as simple as a text message, an email or short video on why you choose to collect the artwork from the artist. 




Here is an opportunity for lovers of art to move away from merely collecting and consuming art and toward a model reminiscent of the Renaissance.  A time when royal houses met the needs of talented artists of the day.  Your gift of $500 USD will be the catalyst for Rising Art Star to interview one of the gifted artist that have joined the show.  You choose from the gifted artists that have joined the show. You may want to know the life story of an extraordinary artists that has not been invited to join our show yet.   We would love to hear your recommendation. The money you donate covers a part of the show's operating cost.  You can gift an amount less than $500 USD.  We will combine your gift with another Patron that wants to contribute towards interviewing the artist you have chosen.  Select this link to make a gift.

If you are comfortable please take part in the interview.   That may be as simple as a text message, an email or short video on why you wanted to hear the story of the artist you choose.  




Collector and Patron Members Select Who Joins The Show
When you become a Collector or Patron you are automatically enrolled as a Collector and Patron Member.  One of the benefits is that your ❤️ on our #RisingArtStar free artist promotion counts a great deal.  If a few Members  ❤️the artwork form an artist the artist will be selected to join our show.  Even if their work does not receive the most ❤️.


Viewers Will ❤️ Their Favorite Artists To Have Them Join Our Show
We will periodically run promotion to find new gifted artists to join our show.  The artist with the most ❤️ will be selected to join our show.  Follow this link to  ❤️ your favorite artists.