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Preparing for Interview

We will not use the video or audio files from the video conference platform used to conduct the interview.  Instead we will record the Host of our show and the artist will record themselves during the interview process.  The artist will then provide us with their video/ audio files.  We will combine the video to have a final interview.  We prefer conducting a live video interview but are willing to make exceptions at the request of the artist.  This page provides a general outline for preparing for your interview.



You can substitute the equipment used in this page for equipment that is equivalent or better.   In the picture below notice a few details.

  • It is very important that you practice using your video/ audio equipment to be prepared for our interview.  
  • Most of the artist we have interviewed have worked with a knowledgeable friend to prepare and conduct their interview.  There are also countless of resources on the internet to help you prepare.   
  • We ask for one video camera to record the artist during the interview.  The picture below shows a few examples of how artist have set up their camera for the video interviews.
  • Each artist included their artwork in the background for the interview. An important detail. 


Equipment A - Lights

  • Lighting is very important.  Practice the look and feel you want to convey with your lighting.We recommend lighting equipment.  You need provide enough light for your video camera to record clear video.  Practice recording yourself to be sure you are happy with the video quality.
  • You can not depend on sunlight because often there are delays the in filming schedule or cloudy days.  
  • Optional $189 USD Find in Amazon: Link to Lights
    • Daylight balanced 5500K CFL, deliver true & accurate colors, softboxes
    • Energy Efficient: Reaches the total output equivalent of 2000 watt incandescent lights 



Equipment B - VIDEO CAMERA 

  • Even most new smartphones have the ability to record great video.  But you need to provide good lighting for the phones to record good video quality.  
  • Set up your camera to record in NTSC format: 1080p at 30 fps (frames per second).  Cameras/ phones in the USA use this setting by default.  Look at the users manual for the camera to determine how to set the video to this video format for your camera.  This article explains the different formats Link describing different formats by country {Please do not use PAL or SECAM formats} 
  • You will need a large amount of memory for the video camera.  We recommend that you prepare to record an hour of video.  You can leave your camera recording for an hour at the NTSC format 1080p at 30 fps.  It will tell you if you have enough memory. 
  • Check you have enough battery life for an hour of video recording.  You can have extra batteries for the camera or an adapter to connect directly to a wall outlet.
  • Best if your camera has an input for an external microphone.  If it does not please use an external recording device for the microphone. One way is to record the audio to your phone.  You can purchase a Lapel Microphone with an adapter to connect to your camera, phone, or external recording device. 
  • You will load the video/ audio files from the camera / recording device into our Dropbox account. We will edit the video we record of the our Host during the interview and combine with your video/ audio files.



  • Typically cost around $40 USD ($20 for a phone)
  • May need adapters to connect tripod to your video camera



Equipment D - Lapel Microphone

  • Used to record artist dialog during the interview.  This microphone will record audio from artist.  Most standard microphones on video cameras are not good enough to record the audio clearly.  
  • Typically cost around $30 USD
  •  This example has several adapters to connect to different video recording equipment: Link for Lapel microphone with Adapters




  • The headphones connect to the laptop using Bluetooth.  They will allow the artist to communicate with the Host during the interview.  Very important using these headphone with built in microphone will ensure that the questions asked by the host will not be recorded by the lapel microphone the artist is using to record the audio for the interview.  In other words no echos will be recorded by our equipment or the equipment of the artist.  
  • $39 USD
  • Wireless Headphones recommended:  Link Headphones we purchased


Equipment F - LAPTOP COMPUTER (or second phone)

  • We will use a laptop computer to video conference and communicate during the interview.  
  • Plan to use application as the video conference platform.  
  • Using application the host can see you and you can see the host of the show during the interview. We will have the wireless headphones connected to the laptop using Bluetooth wireless. The wireless headphones we recommend have built in microphone so that the host can hear you clearly.  




  • As stated earlier we only use the video conference platform to communicate real time during the interview.  We do not use any of the audio or video from the video conference platform.
  • Please become familiar with the video conference platform.  It is free to create an account and use.  Practice video chatting with a friend. There are many video tutorials on YouTube.   
  • Use from the laptop you plan to use for the interview.
  • This is the link to our meeting room
  • In case link does not work our meeting room id is 969-069-4541





Step 1 – Create an account with Dropbox account.  It is free to create an account.  Use this link.

Step 2 – After you create an account share your video/ audio files from the interview.  There are many tutorial on using dropbox on YouTube.

Step 3 – Use this email to share your files with us:





We will send most questions to the artist before the meeting.  We will ask our Collectors and Viewers to send us questions they would want answered about artists and the world of art.    

    • What drives your passion in art?
    • Where do you find your inspiration?
    • How does your art compare to contemporaries today?
    • What do you enjoy the most about being an artist?
    • Describe the meaning of your work?
    • What are major obstacles you have faced in being an artist and how did you overcome them?
    • What advise would you give to rising artists today?
    • If you had the opportunity to get a message across to a large group of people what would it be?
    • Are there any myths about being an artist you would like to break?
    • How does art motivate and inspire you?
    • How do are you marketing yourself to connect with potential collectors?
    • If you were mentoring a new artist what advise would you give them?
    • What are the key steps in your career that led to your success
    • What are goals in your life that you have put off but  realize if I don’t begin now when?
    • If you could change one day in your life what would it be?
    • Are you holding onto something that you know you should let go?
    • What have you done lately that is worth remembering?
    • When do you stop calculating risk and rewards and just do what is right?
    • What is your most valued accomplishments?
    • What is your greatest weakness or fear?
    • What motivates you to do your best
    • What do you do to improve your knowledge/ continue to grow
    • Who do you know that inspires you personally?
    • When you are old what do you believe you will value the most
    • Other than art, what activity makes you lose track of time?
    • What makes you smile?
    • Please tell other artists and collectors some truths about being an artist.
    • What would surprise others to know about you?
    • If you were not an artist, what career would path would you have followed?
    • How would you describe your style and how did you develop it?