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A) Feature you and other artist on an Instagram post on our main account (feed)

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C) Add you to our online gallery. 

We want you to help you to:

  • Find American collectors for your artwork
  • Gain new Instagram followers
  • We will ask our Collectors, Patrones, and Viewers to vote for your artwork 
  • We never show the number of votes any artist receives.  We do not want to make anyone uncomfortable. 

Remember we only need to find one Collector or Patron that loves your artwork.  Several ways to be selected to join our show:

I) Receive the most votes (we never show the number of votes any artist receives because we are here to build up everyone and we want everyone to be comfortable)

II) Patron pays $100 to sponsor an artist to join

III) Patron pays $250 for the artist to be interviewed

IV) Collector buys artwork and the commission from the sale of artwork pays for the artist to join and be interviewed


Two steps to be featured on our Instagram Post, Instagram Story, and be added to our online gallery.

1) Once every 7 days enter our Giveaway at #1 Like ❤️ Our Instagram Posts For the Last 7 Days (Around 21 Posts)

2) Click this link to send us a direct message on Instagram telling us that you want to join our show for FREE.  Video below explains steps you will follow from your Instagram account ⬇️ ⬇️

This is the video we will ask you to add to your Instagram account. Instructions that will be sent out to you in an Instagram message are below the video ⬇️ ⬇️


💥1. ⬆️ ⬆️ Save video above asking your followers to vote for you 

💥2. Copy and add this caption to Instagram video post ⬇️ ⬇️


💵$$$ GIVEAWAY $$$💵

⭐️1. Follow my friends at @RisingArtStar

⭐️2. Use the link in my Bio to vote ❤️ for me to join  artist interview show and You can enter money GIVEAWAY $$$. See @RisingArtStar for details.


Winners announced on the first Tuesday of the month

Message on video:

With your vote, your favorite artist has the opportunity to join our show. Click the link in their Bio. Our American collectors make it possible to provide you with money giveaways for your support. We feature the most gifted artists from around the world. Join us.  


This giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram


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💥2. ⬆️  ⬆️  Copy and add this caption to Instagram video post 

💥3. Post video to your main Instagram account (feed)

💥4. Tag us @RisingArtStr when you post the video

💥5. Select "Edit Profile" on your account

💥6. Add this link to your Bio:


Around 24 hours after you performed all six 💥 steps above we will add you to our online gallery.   

Thank you