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Join Our Artist Interview Show Free (Vlog) and Paid Options

We want to collaborate with the best artists in the world. We are very fortunate that many incredibly talented artists have already joined our show. 

Here are the typical questions artists ask:

1) How do you conduct interviews? 

Our production team in the USA films our Host conducting the interview. We use video conferencing software (Zoom) to ask questions of the artist. We ask the artist (or a knowledgeable friend) to film themselves being interviewed while the Host is asking the questions. We combine our video of the Host with the video from the artist to have a final product that looks and sounds great. See our Instagram posts and YouTube channel for examples of interviews we have conducted.

2) Who are some of the artists that have joined the show?

One example is Ian Edwards. He is charming, has a large Instagram follower count (over 80,000), the average price for his work is around $26,000USD. Richard Symonds who has even more followers has sold his work for over $100,000USD. Dino Tomic is incredibly versatile and is on the cutting edge of the art world with over 900,000 Instagram followers. We have also interviewed talented emerging artists. We want to surround ourselves with the most talented artists in the different stages of their careers. Go see interviews on our YouTube channel.  

3) Is there a charge for taking part in the show? 

We are an artist interview show and an online gallery. We profit by finding collectors for artists. Our commission is 40% (the artist keeps 60%) of the sale of the artwork. The artist includes all costs associated (shipping and taxes) to deliver their artwork to American collectors on the sale price.


Option #1 Join Gallery and Instagram Promotion

We ask artists to pay $100USD to join. This is a one-time fee. Use the hyperlink below to pay. We will then promote the artwork from the artist to find collectors.

Production Cost

Our production cost for each interview runs over $1,000USD. We will invest up to $750USD for the cost of the interview. The 40% commission from the sale of the artwork should cover the remaining $250USD. We will reach out to the collector(s) that purchased the artwork and incorporate their love for the artist's artwork in the interview. This is not a one-time interview. When we find more collectors for an artist we will schedule additional interviews. 

Option #2 Join and Be Interviewed Right Away

Artists being interviewed today did not want to wait and paid $250USD of our production cost (we invested the other $750USD because we believe in them). Use the hyperlink below to pay if you don’t want to wait to be interviewed.

Option #3 Vlog

FREE!!!   Provide us with a Vlog of your story.  We will use it to promote you and your artwork on our Instagram account and YouTube channel.  Here is an example

After we find a collector for your artwork we would use the commission from the sale of your artwork to fund an interview by our production team.

Thank you