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Improving Our Show

We are NOT changing the way we collaborate with you. We asked you to join our show because you are very talented and we are looking forward to featuring you and your artwork. If you watch our first YouTube introduction video it mentions giveaways and voting as part of our show. It has just taken us time to get everything working.


The giveaways are a fun way for us to interact with our Collectors and viewers. Our generous collectors make it possible for us to say thank you and reward our supporters with money giveaway prizes. We invite you to join our giveaways.  


First, we never plan to show the number of votes any artist receives. We want to have a community that builds each other up and does not make anyone uncomfortable.  


We want to improve our SHOWMANSHIP. The dictionary defines showmanship as - skill at entertaining, theatrical presentation, or performance. We want to highlight and give a place of honor to each artist when they join our show.  


There are many art galleries. What makes us special is that we are also an artist interview show. It is an awkward conversation to ask our Collectors "Do you want to buy artwork?" It is easy to ask our Collectors "What artwork do you prefer and want to be featured on our show?" It makes our Collectors feel important and valued. It also helps us know which artwork they prefer. In the future, we can also ask "What do you think of the artist's story?". It is all about having those critical conversations with our Collectors and getting them to care for their favorite artwork and artists.  


We are starting to have those critical conversations with our Collectors.  It has taken time to get everything working so we have several artists waiting to join our show.  We plan to temporarily hide your artwork from our online gallery but will begin featuring it as soon as we "officially" announce you were selected to join our show.  Please give us time to schedule everything. We want to highlight and give each artist a place of honor. I'll send you more details and a specific time when we will begin to feature you and your artwork. Thank you for your patience and for joining our show,