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Getting Started

We make it easy to sell your work to a global community of art lovers and collectors. When you sell an artwork, you will receive 60% of all profits. Rising Art Star will further promote your artwork and in many cases interview you to find more collectors Ways of Being Chosen to be Interviewed. We offer secure payments by PayPal.  Get handpicked by our team for recommendation to a wide range of clients, from designers to architects to emerging and seasoned collectors.





In order to prevent fraud and protect our artists and buyers we must receive a copy of a government issued photo ID (i.e. passport or drivers license) before your work can be displayed for sale. You may black out your ID number.

Rest assured that we will protect the image that you send us. Your ID file is encrypted from the time that it leaves your computer. It will only be viewed by our administrative team.

Step 1 – Select link below to submit your photo ID.

Click this secure link to upload your government photo ID 

Step 2 – Select Choose Files to browse for the image of your photo ID on your computer.


Step 3 – If you operate under a different name than what is on your government issued ID, enter your LEGAL name below. We will not make this information public.  Also enter the email address that you will use to create your account with our online gallery. Then select Upload



Step 1 – Select link below to create an account.

Click this link to create an artist account.

Note: We recommend you bookmark this page to login to your account in the future. 

Step 2 – Select Join Now to create your account.

Note: If you already created an account enter your EMAIL ADDRESS and PASSWORD then select Login To My Account green button.

Step 3 – Enter your NAME (this is the name Collectors will see in your online gallery).  If you operate under a different name than what is on your government issued ID, use that name.  Also enter your EMAIL address and create a PASSWORD (you will enter your password twice to confirm it is correct). Then select Create My Account.

Step 4 – Select My Account to go into the account created.  


Step 5 – Select PROFILE and then select MY ACCOUNT.  

 Step 6 – Under your PROFILE the fields for EMAIL, ARTIST NAME, and ARTIST GALLERY NAME are populated from the information you entered when you created your account.  Enter the following information:

Section A - CITY

Section B - COUNTRY

Section C - STATE 

Section D - Artist Studio ZIPCODE  This tells our show and Collectors from where the artwork will ship once it is sold. 

Please DO NOT UPLAOD IMAGE to the Collector's Benefits for Buying Artwork from Rising Art Star section.  We will use this section to describe benefits of buying art though our online gallery.  


Step 7 – Upload Your Profile Photo under the ARTIST GALLERY LOGO.  Select the UPLOAD IMAGE button. 

Note: Image uploaded can be any dimension but we recommend you upload an image with dimension of 165x165 px.  

Although you don’t have to include a photo of yourself in your profile, we highly recommend that you do, as many collectors are curious to get a glimpse of the artist behind the work. You needn’t, however, provide a headshot. Photos of artists in their studio look great on our profile pages, and they are especially of interest to collectors, critics, and the general public.

Note: We recommend that you select SAVE CHANGES button often.  



Step 8 – Fill out the "YOUR PROFILE + ARTIST STATEMENT" section with your Biography and Artist Statement.  Every day collectors ask us for more information about artists they like. Usually this is because the profile section has not been filled in, so if you have not included any information about yourself -- where you studied, exhibition history and an artist's statement -- please add it to your profile information. 

This kind of information can increase your chances of selling work and being noticed by curators. You can update these sections of your account by going to Account- Profile Information. Below are the following tips on how to do so. 

Complete Your Biography 

Finding out more about you as an artist is very important to art collectors who are considering buying your work, as well as to our own team when selecting artworks to be featured in collections and special series.

Your bio should include such information as: where you were born and raised; where you currently live; your education; prizes and awards you've won; exhibitions that you’ve taken part in; and collections (both private and public) that include your work.

We recommend that you include the following info in your bio:

  • Where you were born and raised
  • Where you currently live
  • Your artistic influences and where you draw inspiration
  • Your medium(s)/technique(s)of choice and why  
  • Whether you're self-taught or received formal education/tutelage
  • Artists you've worked under/with
  • Prizes and awards you've won
  • Exhibitions that you’ve taken part in
  • Collections (both private and public) which include your work. 

Complete Your Artist Statement

An Artist Statement is a basic description of your works and your reason for creating them. A successful artist statement clearly explains the reason you've made your work. We recommend that an artist statement be no longer than 200 words. 

Some questions that you should consider when crafting your artist statement include: 

  • What is the subject matter of my work?
  • What is my work about?
  • How do I make my work?
  • Where do I find the images I use as inspiration?
  • How do I want my audience to respond to my work?
  • How does my work compare to historical or contemporary artwork?

Note: We recommend that you select SAVE CHANGES button often


Image can be uploaded of any dimension but we recommend you to upload image with dimension of 900x225 pixels.  Then select UPLOAD BANNER.  Then select if you want to upload an IMAGE or VIDEO for your banner.

Note: We recommend that you select SAVE CHANGES button often. 


Once your ID has been submitted and your account is approved, you’ll receive a confirmation email letting you know that you can begin selling your work on Rising Art Star.

NOTE: It can take 48 hours for New Accounts to be approved in our system.  You can not add your artwork until your account has been approved.  Thank you for your patience.  



STEP 1 - Select this link to "Log In" after you created an account.  Please bookmark this link to make it easier for you to find it in the future.  

STEP 2 -Enter the EMAIL ADDRESS you used to create your account and PASSWORD then select Login To My Account green button.


One of the first things you must do in order to begin selling on Rising Art Star is to photograph your artwork, so you can share your works with collectors. 

Your image must be:

    • A JPEG or PNG file in RGB color format (not CMYK)
    • Image can be uploaded of any dimension but we recommend you to upload image with dimension of 1024x1024 (we plan to post images to Instagram and a square size woks best
    • Less than 15MB

Please read below for some tips and important information on how to produce great quality photographs of your artwork. 



Color Balance and Exposure - The color of the room, temperatures and use of flash can all distort the color balance, resulting in blues, yellows and greys that really should more closely resemble white.

Harsh Shadows and Reflections - Ensure your light-source provides even color and no directional shadows or reflections, which can distract from your artwork.



Noise And/Or Compression - Avoid excessive noise by using a low ISO, (ideally between 100-200), or by shooting in sufficient light. (A cloudy day can be ideal, as the clouds work like a giant softbox). Check to ensure your camera is shooting at its highest quality settings and the file is saved at maximum quality.

 Out Of Focus/Motion Blur - Review images at 100% when choosing the best shot, to ensure you also choose the best focus. (By shooting with sufficient light, you decrease the likelihood of camera shake when shooting hand-held).
Post- Production Over Filtering - Some files may benefit with post-production by adjusting color, brightness or contrast to more closely resemble the actual artwork. However, files that have been heavily post-processed, affecting confusion of medium or quality (color range) of artwork are subject to deactivation.
Upsampling - Increasing the file size only decreases quality. Instead of the misconception it will allow a file to be printed at a larger size, it actually decreases the quality in which the file will print.

Intrusive Digital Signatures Or Text - Artwork celebrates the signature of the artists, representing ownership and creation; however, digital watermarks or in camera date and times make your work appear less valuable.



Parallel Angles/Rotation - If you must tilt artwork to take a photograph, ensure the camera is also at a parallel angle. A square or rectangle should have even edges.

Borders and Padding - Crop excessive blank space, artwork borders, mattes and padding. Adding extra space will not bypass you from minimum size requirements.

Composition: Rotation 90º-180º - Artwork should be properly rotated upon submission.
Art Only - Increasing the file size only decreases quality. Instead of the misconception it will allow a file to be printed at a larger size, it actually decreases the quality in which the file will print.