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Commissions by Dino Tomic

A large part of my work is commission-based. I never like redoing a duplicate of a piece that I've created in the past. But there is always a way to add a new dimension or twist to make a subject new and even better than before. You understand what that means when you see my artwork created in a diverse range of mediums from oil, ink, pencil, watercolor, gunpowder, sand, many others. You will also find my interests in subject matters are even more diverse. 

Having nearly 800,000 followers on Instagram and hundreds of thousands on other social platforms continues to open up new exciting opportunities. Today I receive commissions from individual collectors, motion picture studios, record label executives, and members of the royal family. I look forward to new projects and ways to touch others through my artwork. If you want to details on a commission reach out to me through email at  (Please include the name Dino Tomic in the title of the email.)


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